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Emergency dentists in Middlesex County serving patients needing emergency dentistry outside of normal office hours. You can rely on our on-call emergency dentist for urgent care. Services are rendered at our Dunellen or Cranford offices. If you need assistance please call Tri-County Dental Care at 732-968-2727 and a courteous staff member will contact you. It is important for your oral health that you contact a dentist as soon as a dental emergency occurs. The on-call dentist is available after regular office hours. The dentist can be reached by telephone through our answering service. Our dentists will do everything possible to mitigate you present situation.

What If I Have An Emergency?

Accidents happen. You can’t choose if or when an accident resulting in the need for urgent dental care. It is important to act fast. Your oral health is at stake when dental needs are not cared for properly. At Tri-County Dental Care, patients can get quality dental care even when the office is closed. If there is an emergency, please call our on-call dentist for help. Our emergency dentists are available any time. Our doctors offer emergency dental services for patients who need help. If you are in pain and have an urgent situation an on-call emergency dentists will immediately take action to mitigate your current dental emergency.

What Qualifies As An Emergency?

What is a dental emergency? Some patients aren’t always sure when to call the dentist. Dental emergencies include, but are not limited to, broken or lost teeth due to an accident, unbearable tooth and gum pain due to an abscess, laceration or infected root canal and emergency tooth extractions because of gum disease or oral cancer. Our emergency dentists offer urgent treatment for these and other emergencies.

How Is The Emergency Handled?

The type of treatment or procedure you undergo is based on your specific dental emergency. Our on-call emergency dentists will determine which treatment options are best for your situation. Our dentists have experience with different dental treatments and can offer an effective solution to your dental emergency. It is normal to be afraid and feel anxiety. During the procedure, patients are encouraged to relax. Your cooperation is important to completing the procedure quickly. Procedures are generally pain-free. Our dentist will use a local anesthesia to make treatment as painless as possible. Patients stay conscious during all procedures and sedation dentistry is available. Patients who prefer emergency sedation dentistry must tell the dentist when your appointment is made.

If you are in need of urgent dental care contact an on-call dentist at Tri-County Dental Care at 732-968-2727 as soon as possible.


Emergency Dentist Locations Served but not limited to Dunellen, Greenbrook, Plainfield, Middlesex, South Plainfield, New Market , Avon Park and Watchung, NJ