Advanced Technology

At Tri-County Dental Care, we stay up to date with the latest technology to help our patients receive the best dental care. Advanced technology that has been tested and proven is used to speed up treatments and provide better information for your dentist. By using excellent technology, your dentist is able to view precise imaging and determine the best diagnosis for treatments. Many treatments are faster and more efficient thanks to advanced technology!

CT Scanner

Our CT Scanner allows your dentist to view your smile from the best angles. By viewing accurate imaging, your dentist can see which type of treatment is necessary and accurately identify dental problems. The CT Scanner is fast and accurate, giving patients a quick and easy process for taking images of their smile.

TRIOS ® Intraoral Scanner

The TRIOS Intraoral Scanner allows you to say goodbye to messy dental impressions! If your dentist needs an impression of your smile, the TRIOS Intraoral Scanner can quickly and precisely capture all information and imaging needed. The TRIOS Intraoral Scanner offers clean and accurate information so your dental team wastes no time in providing you with the dental care that you need. With the TRIOS Intraoral Scanner, you can sit back and relax while your dentist takes great care of your teeth and builds an accurate treatment plan for your smile!

Discover the difference advanced technology can make to your smile by contacting our office in Dunellen, NJ, today!

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