Dental Implant Restoration

If you have some gaps in your mouth due to missing teeth, dental implants could be the answer to restoring your smile. Many patients suffer from missing teeth due to decay, injury or hereditary dental issues. Dental implants fill the gaps by placing a tooth restoration that is made to last for several years. In many cases, implants last a lifetime! 

Benefits Of Dental Implants

Dental implants can benefit your smile in many ways. One of the advantages of dental implants compared to other tooth restoration options is that they can stand alone. Unlike dental bridges, implants don’t depend on support from any surrounding teeth. Restoring your missing teeth also provides the benefit of filling the gaps in your smile. This can keep other teeth from shifting out of place. When teeth are missing, the jawbone also begins to deteriorate. Placing an implant where a tooth is missing can help preserve jawbone and facial structure. In addition, the dental implant blends in perfectly with your smile! The dental crown that is designed to replace your missing tooth is matched to the color of your surrounding teeth. It is also custom-designed to fit and function like a natural tooth. 

A dental implant allows you to continue enjoying the foods you love without having difficulty chewing. You can also feel more confident, enjoy smiling around family and friends, as well as make a great first impression when meeting new people. A restored smile offers many advantages and can continue to benefit you for years to come! 

If you are interested in dental implants in Dunellen, NJ, a consultation is the best place to start! Your dentist can examine your smile and create the best plan for restoring your missing teeth. Together with your dentist, you can find the best solutions for giving you back your smile!

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